What is Positive Thinking, and how does it bring about success?

You have probably heard about the power of positive thinking and how it can make you successful. Not everybody understands how on earth positive thinking can change situations and bring about positive results. A wise man once said that the most significant accomplishments, the most magnificent ideas and the most exceptional innovations began with one single thought.

An inventor nurtures and develop ideas in their mind, believing it is possible and visualising it before working on it physically, and then seeing come to fruition. Hence, the reason positive thinking is such an influential and crucial recipe for success, or the accomplishment of ideas, tasks and even long-term visions.

Positive thinking is seeing things from a positive perspective, regardless of the challenges involved. The obstacles do not disappear because you have a positive mindset. The positive mindset helps you see a way around the barriers and believe in the accomplishment of the plan or task.

A positive mind enables you to gain self-belief. When you believe in yourself, you gain confidence and self-esteem. You look at the glass as half full and not as half empty, as the saying goes.

One of the best books ever written is “As A Man Thinketh” by James Allen – it is only 63 pages. Every human being seeking to benefit from positive thinking can benefit from reading this philosophical book!

Positive thinking is a concept whose popularity continues to grow. It is not just a mental attitude but an emotional one, as well. It is a personal choice to focus on and amplify the positive side of things. As a result, scholars have suggested that one’s subconscious mind then leads them to take the right steps towards victory and success.

You may have come across some famous positive thinking quotes. They all reinforce the suggestion that there is power in positive thinking, and it leads to positive results.

Here is a fitting illustration: Suppose two job-seeking friends, Adam and Jack, wake up one morning planning to attend the same interview? Adam is a positive thinker and wakes up with a bright outlook. He feels that he can get this job, and already visualises himself as working at this exciting new company. So, dresses for the interview has a smile on his face and gets there on time. He is psychologically prepared and ready for any questions.

On the other hand, Jack feels that this is just like any interview he had in the past, and the chances of getting the job are slim. He is tired of interviews and looks exhausted, disoriented and annoyed. The least odd question irritates him. Note that the difference between these two is their mindset. After the interview, Adam gets hired. The interviewers like his positive attitude, his confidence, his attire and focus. They do not like Jack’s tired look and his attitude.

In summary, Positive thinking makes people act in a way that leads to positive results.

How to Achieve a Positive Mindset (How to develop a habit of thinking positively)

Many people have written off the concept of gaining success through positive thinking as “motivational politics” without a scientific basis. Nevertheless, a positive attitude is the first step in the walk to victory. Because people with a positive way of seeing things focus on the success that lies ahead and not on the obstacles that discourage the less motivated. Here are ways one can achieve a positive frame of mind and success as a result.

  • Learn to focus on the positive things you encounter. Find things that make you happy or encourage you during the day. There is something about negative words and negative situations that makes the human mind naturally dwell on these things, creating a pattern of worry. You can develop a positive mindset by focusing on the small positive things you encounter. By creating a habit of dwelling on these, you teach your mind to think positively. A positive mind leads you to make more positive decisions, have self-belief and gain confidence – This is a recipe for success. In essence, that is the power of positive thinking.


  • Start every day positively. Regardless of what happened the previous day, every day should be a new start. Treat any failures you may have encountered the last day, week or month as though they do not affect the current one. That is because you can always make a fresh start. Do not the past ruin the present.


  •  Life is like climbing a ladder. You focus on the current step, but still intend to reach to the top, and are aware of the steps and the ground below you. Dwelling on the past and looking back as you climb up will never help you to reach the top.


  • Some people develop a cycle of unhappiness because they keep on repeating mistakes. Learn to learn from your mistakes! Learning from mistakes helps you make better decisions in future and be more successful as a result. Repeated success will help you develop a more positive attitude.


  • A friend with a positive mindset can help you gain a similar mindset. Surround yourself with friends who challenge or encourage you to look on the positive side of things. Alternatively, friends who encourage you to visit places that breed positivity or create a positive atmosphere through their positive attitude and conversation.


  • Have a plan of action, and start working on it. People who make a plan, write it down and start working towards it generally have a more positive attitude. They have a goal and a purpose, and every day they know they are getting closer to accomplishing that goal. They are more likely to be positive-minded in their everyday endeavours. They also respond better to challenges and obstacles because they know that they are mere distractions and not failures.


  • Take some time, say half an hour, every day to remember some positive things. Things that make you happy. Things that you succeeded in doing. Victories. Also take some time to speak some positive words like: “I will do it. I can do it. I am powerful, and I am ready for success. No obstacle will stop me. I will get there.” It may sound crazy, but your subconscious mind begins to repeat these words as you make it a habit. They are not only a morale booster, but you may have heard of the power of positive confession and affirmations because words have the seed of energy in them.


  • Write down some positive words and place them where you can see every day, maybe a poster on the wall with positive thinking quotes or positive words in general.


  • Find an outlet for negative emotions. If something depresses you, find an activity to focus on, or talk to friends. Bottled up emotions can adversely affect positive thinking.


  • Write down a few activities that make you relax mentally and emotionally – This could be a walk, fishing, watching a movie, and so on.

Positive thinking and Self Belief are recipes for success.

Self-belief means that you believe in yourself. In other words, you have confidence in your ability, and in yourself as a person, this has a psychological effect not only on your thoughts but on your actions. Self-confidence takes away doubts.

In a nutshell, several influences and factors affect one’s ability to succeed; however positive thinking plays a significant role in the ability to achieve success.

Past, present and future events play a part in the failures or victories, but it is our attitudes and reaction to these events and thoughts that set us up for success or failure.

All in all, self-belief influences positive thinking and positive thinking has an impact on self-belief. Positive and negative things will always happen to us, but the power to think positively or to believe in ourselves will always depend on how we react to these occurrences. Therefore, purpose to capitalise on the power of positive thinking, and you will be on your way to success in whatever vision or goals you have in your life. Stay positive and Stay focus!

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