Money Management Training

Money Management Training

To survive in business today you need to be financially intelligent by developing the core competencies that will result in improved financial results, increased employee morale, and reduced employee turnover.

We train business owners and their leaders on the essentials of finance management necessary to ensure financial stability, longevity and achieve profit maximization and ultimate business success.

As an Entrepreneur and Business Owner you need to know and master.

  • How much revenue should my business make to be profitable?
  • How to price products and services compared to competitors
  • How to manage cash flow (the fuel of your business)?
  • How to put money in and take money out of your business in a tax efficient manner?
  • How to control and monitor business expenses?
  • How to manage and reduce expenses ratio?
  • How can I cut costs and become more profitable?
  • How to identify and manage financial risks involved in running my business?
  • How can I expand my business – should I borrow or use retained earnings?
  • How best to get a loan to expand my business?
  • How to fund shortfalls or and invest surplus?

Through our training we enhance the financial capability and intelligence of business owners and their leadership team – equipping you with the mindset, knowledge and skills needed to make money management decisions and practice the behaviors that best fit the circumstances and desires of your business.

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